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ghost pickup systems > Hexpander MIDI Interface

Product #: PE-0111-00

Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $28.95




3-position switch that lets you instantly switch between MIDI/both/guitar, when plugged into the Hexpander MIDI Interface.

(When plugged into the Acousti-Phonic, this same component selects between mag/both/acoustc.)

This mini switch mounts in a 1/4" hole in your pick guard or guitar top.

* Note that if you are installing the Hexpander and the QuickSwitch without the Acousti-Phonic, you will also need the Pin-7 Harness so that the switch mutes your mags when you select MIDI only. This part is ordered as a separate item)

You may also want to add to your installation:

PE-0180-00 Program Up/Down switch
PE-0181-00 Hexpander MIDI Volume Pot

If you want all three of these options with your Hexpander, it's better value to order the Hexpander MIDI interface Kit.


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