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ghost pickup systems > Acousti-Phonic

Product #: PE-0340-00

Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $79.95


The Acousti-Phonic for Bass includes:

BD-0340-00 Acousti-Phonic Intelligent pre-amp EQ'd for bass
BD-0103-01 Switchcraft Stereo Switched Output Jack
BE-5003-00 Stereo Output Jack Cable Assembly (R-W-Bu harness, connects jack to pre-amp)
BE-5002-00 Acoustic Volume Cable Assembly (
Vi-Y-Gn harness, connects volume pot and mag system to pre-amp)
BE-0204-00 Battery Connecter (connects 9v to pre-amp)
BE-0205-00 Battery
Holder (metal clip that holds 9V battery)
BD-5017-00 Summing board
BD-5021-00 Dual connector cable

You will also need to order ghost Saddle Pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly to complete your ghost system. Pickups are different for every type of bass bridge, so they are always ordered separately from the ghost modules.

You may want to add to your installation:

PE-0111-00 QuickSwitch for mag/both/acoustic

Acoustic Volume Pot with Mid/Dark Switch

If you want both of these options with your Acousti-phonic, it's better value to order the Acousti-Phonic Kit for Bass


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