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ghost pickup systems > Acousti-Phonic

"probably the best sounding rendition of an acoustic guitar you're ever likely to hear from an electric guitar"

-- Guitarist Magazine


Acousti-phonic Modular Pre-amp

For studio-quality acoustic sound from your electric guitar or bass.

The Acousti-Phonic adds realistic, acoustic sound to your electric guitar or bass, without altering your mag pickups. You can use mag and acoustic sounds one at a time, or blended together for an enhanced electric effect.

You will also need to order ghost Saddle Pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly to complete your ghost system. Pickups are different for every type of guitar bridge, so they are always ordered separately from the ghost modules.

The Acousti-Phonic requires a 9v battery, and you need to provide a guitar pot for the acoustic volume (convert one of your tone pots -- an included harness connects it to the ghost system). Or you can add an optional pot to your order.

The Acousti-Phonic Kit does not require you to provide a pot because it's included. It also includes our most popular optional switches. If the options in the Kit are the ones you want, this will save you the hassle of ordering components individually, and offers better value too.

Acousti-Phonic PE-0240-00

Natural Acoustic Sound
The Acousti-Phonic Modular Pre-amp captures the natural acoustics of your electric guitar, which can then be amplified or recorded directly, without feedback or mic placement problems associated with a live or studio amplified acoustic guitar.

Automatic Mono/Stereo Switching

The Acousti-Phonic automatically senses when you plug in a mono cable and blends the acoustic pickup and magnetic signals so you can plug into a guitar amp. Plug in a stereo cable and the signals are output on separate channels: acoustic can be sent to the PA system or an acoustic guitar amp, and magnetic to a regular guitar amp.

On-board Controls
By adding the acoustic volume and optional switches, you can control the change from acoustic to electric, without relying on the sound guy. This lets you 'play the crowd' more and decide the right moment to shift the mood.

9-18v Auxiliary Power
The Acousti-Phonic is 18v compatible, and works with both passive and active pickups. It even turns your mag system off when you unplug! Battery life for the Acousti-phonic is 500 hours, so if you practice or gig a few nights a week, replacing the battery just twice a year ensures it will never go dead on stage.

EQ for Guitar or Bass
The Acousti-Phonic is available in two models, with different EQ curves for guitar or for bass.

More Than Six?
The Acousti-Phonic is ready for seven strings, right out of the box. It can handle more than seven strings with the addition of some expansion connectors.

What to Order
PE-0240-00 Acousti-Phonic for guitar, or
PE-0340-00 Acousti-Phonic for bass

This includes the Stereo Switched Output Jack, and all the components you need to install the Acousti-phonic in your guitar, assuming you will convert one of your tone pots to the Acoustic Volume. To this you can add:

PE-0206-00 Acoustic Volume with Mid/Dark Switch
PE-0111-00 QuickSwitch for mag/both/acoustic

If you would like both of these optional controls, they are bundled with the Acousti-Phonic in our popular ghost Kits.

Technical Overview - ghost Acousti-Phonic (PDF)

Technical Overview - ghost Acousti-Phonic for Bass (PDF)

Technical Overview - ghost Acousti-Phonic for More Than Seven Strings (PDF)

For FAQs and detailed technical information about the ghost system, consult our Knowledge Base.

Acousti-Phonic for Guitar
Product #: PE-0240-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $79.95
Acousti-Phonic for Bass
Product #: PE-0340-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $79.95
QuickSwitch *****TOP*SELLER*****
Product #: PE-0111-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $28.95
Acoustic Volume Pot with Mid/Dark switch (push/pull)
Product #: PE-0206-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $52.35
Acoustic Volume Harness with Mid/Dark Toggle Switch
Product #: PE-0106-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $34.94
ghost 9v Battery Box
Product #: PE-0211-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $17.95
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