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ghost pickup systems > Hexpander MIDI Interface


"I am also very intrigued by the MIDI potential.....I never realized such accurate tracking was possible"

- Guthrie Govan, Guitar Techniques Magazine


Hexpander MIDI Interface

Use your favorite guitar as a MIDI controller...with the Flick of a Switch!

The Hexpander adds MIDI capability to almost any guitar or bass. Plug your guitar into pitch-to-MIDI converters by Roland and Axon.

The principle behind the ghost® Hexpander MIDI Interface System is simple but the results are truly amazing…an affordable, modular hexaphonic pickup system featuring unparalleled tracking in an easy-to-install package. The Hexpander MIDI Interface features a proprietary harmonic damping system that results in tracking unequalled by any other system on the market today. It provides responsive and accurate triggering, no more dead spots, and no need to slow down your playing so that your system can keep up!

  • Fast, accurate tracking.
  • Low latency design perfectly complements today’s state of the art pitch-to-MIDI converters.
  • Operates with the latest MIDI converters and Virtual Guitar systems: Roland GR55, VG99, StringPort, as well as legacy units like Roland GR33, GI-20, and V Bass, Axon AX-50, AX-100, Yamaha G50, and many more.
  • Add the ghost® Acousti-Phonic pre-amp and/or optional switches at any time by simply plugging them in…no rewiring or soldering.
  • Optional plug-in MIDI Volume, Momentary Up/Down Program Selector Switch (S1/S2) and QuickSwitch (MIDI/both/mag+acoustic) for an infinite palette of tonal possibilities.
  • Optional pin-seven wiring harness available for accessing acoustic and magnetic signals.
  • Does not require a battery, because it gets power from the MIDI converter

What to Order
PE-0440-00 is the Hexpander, and includes the 13-pin Output Jack, and all the components you need to install the Hexpander in your guitar or bass. To this you can add:

PE-0111-00 QuickSwitch for MIDI/both/guitar
PE-0180-00 Program Up/Down Switch
PE-0181-00 MIDI Volume Pot

Order these products at the bottom of this page.

If you would like all three of these optional controls, they are bundled with the Hexpander in our popular Hexpander Kit.

You will also need to order ghost Saddle Pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly to complete your ghost system. Pickups are different for every type of guitar bridge, so they are always ordered separately from the ghost modules.

If you are installing the Hexpander without the Acousti-phonic, you may want to add the optional pin-7 wiring harness, so that your guitar signal goes down the 13-pin MIDI cable and out the back of the converter (most MIDI converters have two 1/4" outputs on the back -- one for MIDI, and one for this pin-7 signal) so you don't need a 1/4" cable plugged into the guitar, just the 13-pin MIDI cable. This feature is provided by the Acousti-phonic, so if you're installing it along with the Hexpander, the pin-7 wiring harness is unnecessary.

Technical Overview - Hexpander and/or Acousti-Phonic Basic Layout (PDF)

Technical Overview - ghost Hexpander with Magnetic and Acoustic output through 13-pin Connector (PDF)

Technical Overview - ghost Optional controls for Hexpander and Acousti-Phonic (PDF)

Traktion Switch
Graph Tech's exclusive Traktion switch modifies the tracking curve to optimize the hexaphonic output for your guitar, playing style, and MIDI-converter configuration. A design feature of the Hexpander, it is conveniently located beside the 13-pin output jack, so you can change it when you plug into different converters.

The ghost® Modular Pickup System can easily be installed on most guitars and basses. Installation involves minor wiring. The installation method and options you choose will determine the amount of space necessary in the electronic cavities of your guitar. In most cases, no routing is required to install the Acousti-phonic and the 9v battery. Some routing is needed to accommodate the Hexpander Pre-amp and the 13-pin jack.

We recommend installation by a qualified technician.

The ghost Modular Pickup System is factory installed in guitars made by Godin, Peavey, Schecter, Carvin, and the Yamaha Custom Shop.

For FAQs and detailed technical information about the ghost system, consult our Knowledge Base.

You will also need to order ghost Saddle Pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly to complete your ghost system. Pickups are different for every type of guitar bridge, so they are always ordered separately from the ghost modules.

Hexpander MIDI Interface
Product #: PE-0440-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $189.95
QuickSwitch *****TOP*SELLER*****
Product #: PE-0111-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $28.95
Pin-7 Output Harness - for Hexpander-only installations
Product #: PE-0182-G0
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $14.95
MIDI Volume Pot  *****TOP*SELLER*****
Product #: PE-0181-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $28.95
ProgramUp/Down Switch  *****TOP*SELLER*****
Product #: PE-0180-00
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $34.95
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