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ghost pickup systems > ghost LB63 Bridges



"The fatness of the tone is truly stunning, very realistic and addictively playable"

-- Guitar Tech Magazine, UK


LB63 Bridge Assemblies

Floyd Rose style bridges loaded with ghost acoustic pickups

In the Beginning we created ghost String Saver Originals for Floyd Rose. In order to install them, Floyd Rose players had to machine slots in their Original or Licensed Floyd Rose base plate so that the pickup wires could make their way from the saddles to the control cavity. We figured this wasn't a problem, because you guys like to get out the allen keys to tune your guitar. You like your tools!

But then we said, "Hey, why can't we just make a Licensed Floyd Rose bridge specifically designed for ghost saddles?" And so we did. First we customized Floyd Rose style saddles for our pickups, and then we looked at the history of FR Licensed bridges and designed what we feel is the best combination of features:

• Stamped steel base plate with hardened knife edges
• Brass 37mm tone block
• Slide-in tremolo arm with micro-adjustable set screw
• Triple-plated finish in gold, chrome, or black

To check if the LB63 bridge assembly will fit in the cavity routed in your guitar, download this LB63 Dimensions PDF. If you're building a guitar, we have checked our bridge against the popular routing templates by Stewart-Macdonald. Please also see the article in our Knowledge Base for additional information about installation.

If you don't want to replace your base plate with the LB63 Bridge Assembly, we've got a solution for you too. We've made the LB63 metal saddles with ghost pickup inserts available as sets of 6 or 7, so you can install them on your existing Floyd Rose Original or Licensed bridge. But you'll need to machine slots in the base plate...

ghost LB63 Floyd Bridge w/ piezo pickups - GOLD
Product #: PN-0080-G0
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $315.00
ghost LB63 Bridge w/ piezo pickups - CHROME
Product #: PN-0080-C0
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $299.95
ghost LB63 Bridge w/ piezo pickups - BLACK
Product #: PN-0080-B0
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $315.00
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