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ghost pickup systems > ghost loaded saddles for Floyd Rose


"The fatness of the tone is truly stunning, very realistic and addictively playable"

-- Guitar Tech Magazine, UK


The ghost System's String Saver Classic saddles for Floyd Rose let you get acoustic tone from your Floyd Rose equipped electric guitar when installed with the Acousti-Phonic, or use it as a MIDI controller when installed with the Hexpander MIDI Interface. Or the same saddle pickups can drive both modules at the same time!

To install these ghost saddles on your Floyd Rose Original or Licensed bridge, you will need to get slots machined in your base plate so that the pickup wires can run to the control cavity. To get ghost pickups installed without making this modification, consider our ghost LB63 bridge assembly, which is a drop-in replacement for most Floyd Rose Original or Licensed bridges. If you're planning to machine slots in your base plate, download the slot dimensions to take to your machinist.

The ghost System's
String Saver Classic saddles for Floyd Rose can be installed on most Floyd Rose Original or Licenced bridges (this does not include the Ibanez Edge Lo-Pro, which uses a different, low profile saddle).

Bridge Assemblies
If you are looking for a complete ghost-loaded Floyd Rose style bridge, we offer the LB63 Bridge Assembly, which makes for a fast and easy installation. Just take out your old Floyd Rose style bridge, and install the LB63 in its place.

All the Benefits of String Saver Classics
The ghost pickups are encapsulated in the String Saver insert that contacts the string. Enjoy more tuning stability, and greatly reduced string breakage.

No Quack
The ghost Saddle Pickups'
custom-engineered piezo crystals have a natural compression effect, so you can play as hard as you want without overloading the input channel or experiencing the dreaded piezo "quack".

Balanced Output
Saddle Pickups are individually calibrated, and sets are precision-balanced, so you get even string-to-string output.

Signal Processing
The output signal can then be processed through one of the ghost system's plug-in modules, the Acousti-Phonic or the Hexpander, which are installed together or separately inside your guitar.

Keep Your Mags
Installing ghost saddle pickups doesn't change your magnetic tone. Any improvement in tone is attributed to the harmonic-enhancing properties of Graph Tech's patented String Saver material.

You may also want to order the ghost Acousti-Phonic or Hexpander to complete your ghost system. Pickups are different for every type of guitar bridge, so they are always ordered separately from the modules.

Straight Out
For running your ghost saddle pickups straight to the 1/4" jack for signal processing outside the guitar, order the Passive Kit. This helps to impedance-match the saddle pickups to your amp, to prevent high frequency loss.

The ghost Modular Pickup System is factory installed in guitars by Godin, Peavey, Schecter, and Carvin.

For FAQs and detailed technical information about the ghost system, consult our Knowledge Base.

ghost loaded Floyd Rose Saddle (6 pcs + Allen Key) CHROME
Product #: PN-0080-C6
Pack Type: Per Set
Price: $199.95
ghost loaded Floyd Rose Saddes (6pcs + Allen Key) BLACK
Product #: PN-0080-B6
Pack Type: Per Set
Price: $214.95
ghost loaded Floyd Rose Saddles (6 pcs + Allen Key) GOLD
Product #: PN-0080-G6
Pack Type: Per Unit
Price: $214.95
ghost loaded Floyd Rose Saddles (7 pcs + Allen Key) CHROME
Product #: PN-0080-C7
Pack Type: Per Set
Price: $229.95
ghost loaded Floyd Rose Saddles (7 pcs + Allen Key) BLACK
Product #: PN-0080-B7
Pack Type: Per Set
Price: $249.95
ghost loaded String Saver Classic Floyd Rose Saddles (7 pcs + Allen Key) GOLD
Product #: PN-0080-G7
Pack Type: Per Set
Price: $249.95
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